New era comes to SCV

For the last six years Supreme Courts Volleyball has been the center for the best volleyball in the city of London and surrounding areas. We have proudly served you all this time with the only purpose of providing a space for the volleyball community where you could feel comfortable and confident playing this wonderful sport. During this period of time many things have been changed as part of our effort to serve you better, we still have many things that need improvement but, rest assured, we’ll keep working hard to make our facility and your experience as a volleyball player better.

A new era starts with Supreme Courts now, we are happy to announce that after a long period of negotiations with the landlords, London Sharks has successfully secured the lease on the building for the following years and has taken over the general management of the facility. We would love to continue working with your support which is necessary to keep our doors open for a long time and keep providing a better service.

All our programs will remain active as they have been running for the past years. The Drop-in program on Fridays from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm is open for those players that would like an extra day of volleyball.

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