Introducing “Volea Academy”

In the last twenty years Volleyball has become one of the most popular sports among the Canadian youth. Volleyball is a game that requires a lot of strong fundamentals, physical dexterity, and mental toughness for those that develop a passion for it and like to take it to the high level. However, to achieve an elite status as a volleyball player, one must start as young as possible and follow the right path with commitment, discipline, motivation and the right education for many years; here is were VOLEA ACADEMY comes in perspective.

VOLEA ACADEMY’s main objective is to help young elementary school boys and girls to develop the best motor skills and game fundamentals to play the game of volleyball, and at the same time actively participate in the shaping of future leaders.

Visit to know more about the programs we offer for schools (students and teachers), and any individual who is looking to move on to the next step of their volleyball skills.