We are closing our doors

Dear friends,

During the past eight years Supreme Courts Volleyball has successfully served the community of London and surrounding areas proudly. Over this years it was our sincere effort to offer excellent customer service to our customers, and we hope we have been successful in our endeavors.

The same way is happening to many other businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic and other unfortunate circumstances are forcing us to take a different direction away from our path to provide our customers with a place to enjoy our many services, from drop in volleyball to share time with your family and friends, tournaments, corporate events, birthday parties, leagues, social events, etc. This is not the end, we are actively looking for a different location where you can continue enjoying our programs, even though, we recognize that it may take some time to find the right building due to the fact that, currently, there are not retail or industrial spaces available in the city of London suitable to our needs.

We have nothing but gratitude for the opportunity you have given us to serve you and your support all these years.

See you back in the courts soon.