U14 Sundays League (2007-2009)





6 Players



Start Date

Mar 28




Supreme Courts is offering an 8 week league for players born between 2007-2009. Played on Sundays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The league will run from March 28th, 2021 to May 30th 2021. There will be a break during the week of April 4th and 6th.

How to register

The team must be registered by a captain (Captain Parents) who must pay the team fees via e-Transfer. Teams must submit a roster of 6 players max (no subs). Please sign up below.

Game rules will consist of:

    • 6vs6
    • 2 matches with 3 sets of 15 min
    • Self-scoring
    • Cap at 25
    • Rankings will be done by sets won (1 set won = 1 pt)
    • Rankings adjusted weekly
    • 1st place team receives a prize

The cost for the league will be $780, which will cover the cost of court time as well as a t-shirt for each player.


    A confirmation link will be received in the email. Please make sure all players emails are valid.

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    We know you value flexibility and we want you to have peace of mind when registering in any of our programs. In addition, we are aware that a lockdown might happen at any moment due to the increase of cases in the city or region. Responding to today’s reality, our cancellation policies have been adjusted to cover COVID-19-related cancellations.

    An amount of $60 will be refunded for each date lost of the league due to city or province mandate lockdown. Should a date be cancelled due to weather or any facility related issues, the date will be postponed and rescheduled for a future time. Not included in this policy are any other situations like team forfeiture due to injury or short number of players.